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Catalyst. Activist. Deep Value.

The Fund

Black Crane Asia Pacific Opportunities fund is a catalyst/activist deep value fund.

We drive corporate events and governance changes in undervalued companies.

We manage a highly concentrated portfolio, taking a private equity approach to public market investments over a multi-year investment horizon.

We generate attractive, asymmetric returns and face limited competition from other investors in our target investment size of $15-50m.

Corporate finance is our edge

Our skills and expertise as former senior investment bankers drives our investment approach.

Many board and management teams in Asia Pacific do not fully understand how to translate business value into shareholder value.

We drive corporate events and governance changes within our target companies to create shareholder value and are willing to step into situations where mainstream investors have abandoned the company.

The corporate events that we have executed include recapitalisations, debt refinancing, sale of non-core assets, governance changes, break ups, acquisitions and mergers.

Value is our discipline

We only invest at substantial discounts to fundamental value.

We focus on tangible assets with identifiable value and/or defensive cash flow businesses to limit the downside. By deeply engaging with our companies and conducting extensive due diligence, we aim to know the situation better than anyone else.

Our investments are phased to reduce risk and to take advantage of negative events. We invest further capital as investments unfold to protect value and enhance returns.

Success recognised

The Black Crane

Native to the high plateaus of Asia, this majestic bird is in constant movement, foraging artfully for sustenance in an ever-shifting environment. Known for its astute opportunism and selectivity, the rare Black-necked Crane is revered in Chinese mythology as a symbol of stability, reliability and longevity.